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  • 14k-Gold Eyebrow Rings

    Enhance the beauty of your eyebrows by going for first-class eyebrow rings in 14k gold. The gorgeous solid and hollow yellow gold - eyebrow rings measure 16 gauges with gold balls on both ends. Enchant your friends and dear ones by sporting this exclusive and nickel-free gold jewelry. Look fabulous effortlessly!

    Gold Eyebrow Rings: Chic and Classy

    Let your eyebrows be more gracefully defined with our 14K Gold Eyebrow Rings. Our eyebrow rings are often made of 14K solid yellow gold. However, these rings can be customized and made using 14K hollow yellow gold.  They are bedecked with sparkling, round-cut cubic zirconia crystals which pronounce the overall sparkle. Our assortment also carries a couple of gold eyebrow bars that can complement your effortless style, whether you’re going to office or you’re heading for a carnival party outside the town. This versatility is what you can experience in all our eyebrow piercings.

    Why us?

    Since our inception in 2005, Piercebody.com has been acknowledged as the world’s largest webstore for body jewelry including eyebrow piercings. At piercebody.com, we are involved in providing fine pieces of jewelry to match your unique taste and budget, in square with the on-going trends. This has given us the confidence to garner a global vendor base and thousands of customers over 100 countries in the world. Adding to this, here is a list of reasons that support our standing across the niche:

    1. We own the largest, ever-updating stocks of 40, 000 products. All these products adhere to the strict parameters of quality.
    2. We stand by no-mediator policy. This is perhaps why we are able to provide these exotic pieces of jewelry at factory-direct prices.
    3. Shopping with us is also a form of INVESTMENT. We produce masterpieces that carry a timeless charm. As you shop with us, you’re sure to get a piece of jewelry that will reflect your personal style even for generations.

    You’re all welcomed to browse from collection of bespoke eyebrow piercings in gold.  Please sign up for regular updates and clearance sales to beat the trend this season… 

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