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  • Gold Earrings

    A gold ear ring is a kind of gold jewelry which does not itches while wearing it for a long time unlike other fancy jewelry. Gold ear rings are more comfortable to wear other than any other forms of metals.

    14K Gold Earrings at Piercebody.com

    Nothing beats the simple charm of gold earrings. To bring back the same effortless to your style, we’ve come up with a classic collection of 14K Gold Earrings. Our Gold earrings carry a universal appeal. They are adorable to pamper your earlobes with. Whether you wish to attend an engagement ceremony or you’re prepping up for an office after party, our designer gold studs will add oodles of panache to your persona anytime. This is one of the many reasons as why they are also categorized as forever classics.

    At Piercebody.com, we’re engaged in creating the most spectacular designs using the desirable combination 14K gold and precious cubic zirconia crystals. We present to you these 14K Gold studs which are easy to wear and remove with their post-back clasps. Most of them incorporate round-cut cubic zirconia crystals in a 4-prong setting. This presentation prevents falling out of the crystals. 

    Why Us?

    Piercebody.com is regarded as the world’s largest webstore to deal in gold body jewelry with a special focus on 14K Gold Earrings.  Here is a list of pointers that will explain why we’re regarded as the best among the rest:

    1. We’ve been creating ageless creations for body jewelry since our inception in 2005. Since then, we’ve been able to garner an impressive global presence with a strong foothold in markets of UK, US, and Thailand.
    2. We have thousands of customers in more than 100 countries of the world. We’re also very proud of our extensive vendor network in almost all parts of the world.
    3. We’re listening. You can post your queries, complains, feedbacks, and suggestions at our helpdesk. This helps us to improve in the future.

    Shop at Piercebody.com to explore the most expressive types of body jewelry at prices that will never break your bank. We’re all ready to serve you with our premium creations this season. 

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    8 Item(s)

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