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  • Cheap Anodized Body Jewelry

    Our astounding and colorful range of anodized body jewelry is what you need to add fun to your piercing. We have labrets, belly rings, barbells, and tongue barbells, twisted barbells all made of surgical steel and anodized for safe usage. These anodized jewelries have smooth surface, great longevity and are biocompatible. Our piercing sale are on, so, hurry and get yours now.

    Anodized Body Jewelry Trending at Piercebody.com

    Anodizing a piece of jewelry not only increases its shelf-life, resistance to corrosion but also adds a touch of fun and playability to it. At piercebody.com, we’re proud to establish ourselves as a trustworthy lookout for anodized body jewelry––a new type that is garnering rave reviews in the circle.   

    We’re engaged in providing the most expressive forms of anodized body jewelry at the ease of your clicks. Our bouquet creations can be anything from twisted barbells to ball captive rings, labrets to straight eyebrow bars. All these designer creations are crafted using 316L Surgical Steel to confirm to the highest standards of skin-friendliness. This is the main reason why anodized piercings are considered hypoallergenic and suited for long, irritation-free use.

    Why Piercebody.com?

    Piercebody.com has been among the foremost destination to display the most exotic creations in anodized body jewelry, since its inception in 2005. We’re widely regarded as the body jewelry specialist. Here is why:

    1. Our strict adherence to quality has helped us in reaping such profound success. We ensure that all our creations are made of 316L Surgical Steel and are anodized under industrial supervision only.
    2. Our products are quite reasonably priced. We offer these designer products at factory-direct prices.
    3. You can choose your payment method: online or offline.

    We offer free delivery for wholesale purchases that cost $500 and retail purchases that cost $25. Start shopping today!


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    12 Item(s)

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