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  • Dermal Anchors

    Dermal-anchors are the newest kind of body piercings that allow you to permanently plant an anchor on any part of the body, displaying the stud on the outside. They are available in many styles and forms to suit one’s individual personality.

    Piercebody.com as the Most Trusted Lookout for Dermal Anchors Online

    The latest addition to the body piercing trend is the dermal anchors. Dermal anchors were introduced recently, as a complementary practice for body piercers and tattoo shops.

    A dermal anchor has a flat base with holes that help your flesh to grow as it heals. This keeps the jewelry in place and prevents it of being ripped.  People happen to have a perception that dermal anchors are harmful for skin and thus must not be used. But, this is not the case while you’re shopping with us. Piercebody.com offers a collection of dermal anchors which is extremely safe and hypo-allergic.  We offer dermal accessories crafted with high grade titanium that make the healing process easy and painless.   

    Our collection includes dermal anchors as a form of body modification which gives the aesthetic appearance to your skin without causing any complications. You can place these dermal anchors practically anywhere on the surface of your skin.  

    How we differ?

    We are a body jewelry designer, distributor and retailer who bring the latest styles in this ever-changing landscape of jewelry market. Here are the following pointers that help us to establish ourselves as the market leader:

    1. Our devoted in-house design team and customer service professionals are dedicated to making your jewelry shopping experience smooth and hassle-free.  Our customer service personnel offer best service and answer to your queries in real-time.
    2. Our catalogue features crystal anchors, anchors with cute logo tops, jeweled dermal anchors. Our team also includes fashion enthusiasts who ponder on different buyers’ suggestions to prepare the most extensive, trendiest online inventories for our customers. At piercebody.com, we leave no stone unturned to help you find your favorite piece.
    3. Along with special and seasonal discounts, we also offer free shipping on the qualified orders. We endeavor to offer attractive jewelry for both men and women.  So, don’t hesitate to shop for dermal anchors and accessories now!

    If you haven’t delved into the extensive dermal themed jewelry, we’ve got the best pieces for you. Discover our wide selection of dermal anchors at the most affordable prices….  

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