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  • Gold Labrets

    Set out a very sexy statement as you slip on labret piercings by piercebody.com in the simplest possible clicks. For more, shop now.

    Trendy Lip Labrets Available at Piercebody.com

    Labret got its name from a root word called labrum which means the upper lip. However, a labret is not necessarily limited to worn over upper lip. It is often placed under the lip and above the chin. People are also seen wearing diamond labrets across their smile line to flaunt their unique Marlin Monroe look.  At piercebody.com, we welcome you to explore our boutique collection of lib labrets with the same confidence.

    Our online inventory of labrets includes never-seen-before designs and the most worked-out combinations of gold and bioplastic. We ensure that our each creation is hard-to-find and shares zero resemblance with anything you’ve looked before. Certified by renowned global experts for its skin-friendliness and hypoallergenic nature, each creation in our assortment comes out a timeless accessory that will always complement your unique style.

    Why shop @ Piercebody.com?

    Since the market is flooded with webstores engaged in designing body jewelry, Piercebody.com holds the top spot in the hierarchy. Let’s figure out why we’re considered the body jewelry specialist:

    1. We always believe in the motto: Customer is the king. We make sure that we’re doing ample efforts to make our customers happy and satisfied after shopping with us. If there is a slight possibility of you being unhappy with your last purchase, you can return it to us in a week’s span.
    2. Our prompt shipping has also helped in garnering this attention across the market. We’ve a well-equipped warehouse in Thailand which is managed by a team of dedicated personnel. Our teammates ensure that we’re always providing you ready-to-ship inventories to shop from.

    We have been ruling in the segment since our establishment in 2005. With over millions of customers in more than 100 countries of the world and a large global vendor network, we’re proud to unveil ourselves as the world’s largest webstore for body jewelry.

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    30 Item(s)

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