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  • L Shaped Nose Studs and Pins

    These l shaped nose studs come in high quality sterling silver. Encased safely inside a cushioned mini box, the nose stud often have hand painted heart and jewels of various colors and shapes on the visible end. 20 assorted or same pieces of nose studs can be stored inside the box.

    L-shaped Nose Pins: A Statement Accessory

    No one can deny that a pretty L-shaped nose pin is the most stylish and chicest accessory for every woman, almost. It’s perfect to let your face glow with brilliance. Not only it enhances the beauty of your facial contours but a nose pin also adds depth to your overall personality. Since it’s bent in the form of English Alphabet, L, this nose pin becomes relatively easier to wear and remove in comparison to other types of nose jewelry. So, if you want to explore the most classic collection of L-shaped Nose Pins without bearing into your pocket, then Piercebody.com is the name to look for.

    Established in 2005, Piercebody.com has now garnered immense popularity on becoming the most visited online store for body jewelry. At piercebody.com, we also carry a unique collection of nose jewelry with a special focus on designer L-shaped nose pins. All our nose pins are composed of 925 Sterling Silver and embellished with precious, hand-picked crystals for the desirable look. They are available in a plethora of designs, sizes, and shapes to match your specific requirement with matchless ease.

    What Sets Us Apart?

    Piercebody.com is a body jewelry specialist. Here are two of the most important factors that have immensely contributed in earning us this title:  

    1. For us, customer is the King: we always focus our efforts to strive 100% client satisfaction record.  To do so, we are backed by a team of fashion enthusiasts who prepare and update our online inventories as per our buyers’ suggestions and the on-going fashion trends. This practice also helps us to get you only the best and the most worked-out combinations in jewelry.
    2. Easy Returns & Full Cash Back Scheme: If you’re not happy with your recent purchase, you can return it to us by using our 7-day return policy. Even if, you want to avail full cash back, you can enquire about our 30-day money back guarantee from our helpdesk staff. We’re all ears to know what went wrong and how can we improve further! 

    Piercebody.com is your one-stop destination for all body jewelry needs. Our collection of L-shaped nose pin is definitely something to explore to look stylish almost every day.  Shop now… 

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    11 Item(s)

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