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  • Segment Rings

    Segment Rings

    Segment-rings are a great alternative captive-bead rings as they are look continuous and smooth. These steel or UV-segment rings can be used as piercings jewelry for nose, lips, nipples and others.

    Feisty, Fashionable and Affordable – Segment Rings Just Got a Lot Better!

    Choosing the right accessory is an art. Fashion accessories have the power to transform your look. Yes, we resonate with the need for uniquely designed, artsy accessories but have a different approach. Rather than preaching the usual type of accessories, we recommend a beautifully designed piercing like our range of Segment Rings. Captive Rings are among the most trending option in this segment—now, a global favorite. Why? Because Segment Rings are an easier option to update, change or define your body art. These versatile rings can be used like a complementary adornment or be added in varying numbers to create the desired look. Piercebody.com offers Segment Captive Rings crafted from finest grade of surgical stainless steel. This collection is slightly biased towards the more playful type of body piercings, such as UV Segment Rings that are more contemporary. Our range of Captive Rings is very different from what you will find in other body piercing jewelry stores.

    Segment Rings that Deliver that “Exclusivity” Factor

    Piercebody believes in doing body piercings a bit differently, ready to reimagine and re-craft even standard offerings. As a result, this collection hosts Steel and UV rings without beads—means no botheration about losing the beads. Our rings come in vibrant colors and rounded edges. Steel Segment Rings are highly durable and make for the perfect body-piercing option. UV-piercing by Piercebody brings a new dimension to this segment with its use of PMMA (Polymethylmethacrylate)—a chemically inert material that has inherent glowing attributes. Steel Piercings are considered the more conventional choice, lighter and are rather easy for beginners. We ensure that each piercing jewelry is skin-friendly, easy to pierce, and does not cause trauma to the skin. Our exclusive collection of Segment Rings can be worn with equal ease on the nose, lips and as nipple piercings.

    Why Piercebody for purchasing designer body jewelry?

    Piercebody.com brings a refreshing approach to the body jewelry retail space. Breaking away from the usual, predictable designs, we have crafted Segment Rings, Tongue Barbells, Labrets, and Nose Studs, each with a never-attempted-before attribute. Breaking the barriers of creativity, our in-house team crafts premium body piercings. We have no parallels in the marketplace as we own and manage the entire product development and retail channel. We are fully committed to providing a superior online shopping experience to our customers. As a business, we are keen on adopting environmentally-friendly, ethical and fair-trade practices.

    1. We promise use of high-grade materials that meet the international standards of purity and skin-safety
    2. Our discounts include bestsellers from all categories—from earrings and pendants to finger rings, bracelets, belly rings and nose pins
    3. All sales items are systematically tested for quality and compatibility with human skin—at par with non-sale, premium piercing supplies
    4. A customer service team that actually understands the piercing lifestyle, helping you make the most relevant choices

    You can rely on Piercebody to get the latest Segment Rings at unbelievably low prices. The secret lies in our smartly managed product conceptualization, designing, production, warehousing and shipping infrastructure—feel assured, you are the correct place—this is where all Segment Ring trends are created!

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    49 Item(s)

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